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Our Shackleton Connection (UK)

Our Shackleton Connection (UK)

Wednesday 29th March 6:00 pm

Join the Christchurch Foundation NZ at the Royal Geographical Society, in London, with special guest Sir Ernest Shackleton's granddaughter, the Hon. Alexandra Shackleton President of the James Caird Society. We will tune in online to a New Zealand event with Tim Jarvis, renowned Shackleton expert, explorer and environmental scientist.

Tim has literally walked in Shackleton's shoes. In 2013, Tim and his expedition team, faithfully built a replica of the original James Caird and renamed her the Alexandra Shackleton, then successfully replicated Shackleton and Akaroa local Frank Worsley's trip from Elephant Island to South Georgia.

Tim has very generously agreed to make the Alexandra Shackleton available to the city of Christchurch, via The Christchurch Foundation.  The Foundation has agreed to repair and house boat, believing this to be its spiritual home, given Worsley’s childhood spent here, prior to using his peninsula-taught skills in the world's oceans.

This event marks the beginning of the fundraising to repair the Alexandra Shackleton.

Drinks provided. Register below.