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“Your financial support for this difficult time really helps for stress relief. I owe you gratitude and so much more…(we all) appreciate you so much. GOD bless you all.” Anonymous victim from the March 15 mosque attacks.


On behalf of the Muslim communities, the Christchurch Foundation would like to make a special thank you to the businesses and individuals who helped ease the burden of those most impacted by the attacks.


People and businesses from around the world immediately provided help. The size of the gifts varied but all were given with love.

One business donated $1,000 on behalf of each of their 102 staff members. Our biggest corporate donation was $250,000.

Music and coming together featured heavily. The Arohanui, You are Us concerts raised $1.37M. A Turkish Rockstar gifted concert proceeds. Fundraising events were held in New York, Los Angeles, Melbourne, and Seattle.

We received gifts from around the world, across cultures and religions, including but not limited to, Chinese business owners, Jewish, Christian and Sikh communities. A global philanthropist gifted $1.5M.

Across New Zealand children, schools and community groups were also generous.   A Kapa Haka group donated $500 from busking, and hundreds of children donated their pocket money.

Many of the thousands of small and anonymous gifts came with messages of Aroha: “You should have been safe here, New Zealand loves you, Kia Kaha.”


Thank you so the many hundreds of donors:

Chapman Tripp

Kiwi Wealth



Todd Corporation Limited