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Our People Our City Fund Distribution

March 15 is etched in all our memories. Within hours of the attacks the Mayor and the Prime Minister asked The Foundation to act on their behalf to collect funds for the victims. The Our People, Our City Fund was launched on March 16th.

We have worked hard to make it easier for generous people, businesses and countries from around the world to support those impacted by the attacks. Read more here about how the funds will be distributed.

Supporting Research for Fund Distribution

To support our decision for the Our People Our City Fund distribution, our independent advisor Raf Manji provided us with clear recommendations which are based upon what the victims have told him.

He has also conducted extensive research about best practice to support communities when they are the victims of terror attacks. Read more about how countries around the world have responded to similar disasters.

$220,000 founding gift to Sports Inclusivity Fund

The BLACKCAPS and England’s first T20 match of the Series in Christchurch generated $220,000 in gate sales, gifted to the Sports Inclusivity Fund administered by The Christchurch Foundation.

Community Foundations: How they work

We are part of a nationwide family/whanau of Community Foundations. Like any family we are all a little different from each other, but share a common bond. This video explains more.

Paul Bingham, Foundation Trustee, talks about how he wants to see our city thrive

Paul Bingham talks about his motivation for joining our board; to see our city flourish and become the city we all want for the next generation.

November, Our People, Our City Update

Our listening project led by independent adviser Raf Manji has come to an end. His report will be presented to our trustees later this month. Click for more information.

Sport Inclusion Fund Launched

New Zealand Cricket, along with their event partners, have generously gifted gate takings from today's (1/11/2019) T20 match against England to our new Fund.

North America programme begins

In late October 2019 we began our activities in the USA and Canada.

Why does ChristchurchNZ partner with us?

Joanna Norris, CEO of ChristchurchNZ, explains the benefits of partnering with the Christchurch Foundation.

October Update - Our People, Our City fund

We are now further along in our listening project gathering ideas from those most impacted by March 15 have around the distribution of the Our People, Our City fund.

Inaugral Women's Fund Awards

The Christchurch Foundation is pleased to announce the three winners for 2019, Azaria Howell, Cate Grace, and Lynette Diaz.

The Fund and awards were established on September 19, 2018 to celebrate Otautahi/Christchurch’s proud tradition of female leadership, to acknowledge and support our current leaders working at the grassroots within our communities, and to inspire future female leaders.

Thanks to The Chills

We are thrilled to share that The Chills have announced they are giving us $10k USD for the Our People, Our City Fund.

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