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News Canterbury Women, Unite!

Julia Rose


Our Kate Sheppard Women’s Fund was established to amplify the work of women and girls who are making change in greater Ōtautahi Christchurch. Our aim is to seek out amazing community leaders so we can help them achieve their goals and use their stories to inspire others.  With support from people like you, we can grow their impact.

We thought it timely to update you on one of our previous grant recipients, Jo Bailey and Beck Parnham who started Uniting Canterbury Women in response to the mosque terror attacks.

They started with a simple idea. Bring together women from different ethnicities to celebrate diversity, break down barriers and just get them mingling.

We are reliably informed that there is no shortage of things to talk about, and that at times, the noise is deafening.

Despite Covid, this group has continued to flourish and grow, adapting the way that they bring people together. There is no doubt that this entity breaks down silos.   

We know from our work, and from the work of others worldwide, that understanding and loving people from different cultures is one of the fundamental keys to transforming many of the world’s major issues.  

Here’s a short video that explains a little more about Uniting Canterbury Women.  

As always, thank you for your generosity and support.