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News Fund to be established for the severely harmed



The conclusion of Victim Support’s distribution of funds to the victims of the March 15 attacks based on their emergency short term needs today, marks the beginning of The Christchurch Foundation’s activity.

The Christchurch Foundation has gratefully accepted $421,000 of funds donated to Victim Support by two donors who specifically wished to support medium to long term plans for the severely harmed. These funds will be incorporated into the Foundation’s broader plans.

Victim Support has focused on supporting victims in the immediate aftermath with funds and other core support services.  

During the last few months The Christchurch Foundation has been focused on collecting the pledged money from across the world.  It has also been preparing to apply these funds to support the victims longer term needs, and as per our donor’s specific wishes.  

The funds transferred by Victim Support will be ringfenced for the support of the longer-term needs of those seriously harmed.  The Foundation has other donors that have a similar focus.  Therefore, it makes sense to pool the money to support these people.  Work is already underway to identify what needs to be provided, beyond what the government will do, and to finalise who is eligible to receive this distribution.

Communication to the Victims and the Wider Muslim Communities of Christchurch, from The Christchurch Foundation, begins today.