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News Generation Give is back!


We are pleased to announce that last year's Generation Give Programme was such a success, we are running the programme again in 2022. Twenty-six students from year 9 - year 13 have been selected to participate.

The Christchurch Foundation, with support from Jarden and Brannigans, is offering the programme which helps grow the capability of young leaders with a particular passion for the not-for-profit sector. It is called Generation Give, and the honourable Lianne Dalziel, Mayor of Christchurch is the patron of the initiative.

This programme teaches key skills to students from years 9 – 13 about Philanthropy and the not-for-profit/ purpose-lead sector. It is free to participate, is after school and has a twenty-week curriculum. Sessions would begin on Thursday 5th May 2022.

Generation Give was founded by Youth Philanthropy NZ (YPNZ) in the belief that young people should have a chance to make a difference in their community. They do this by forming a “board” and are taught governance, marketing, PR, etc over the course of around 20 weeks. The students are exposed to CEO’s / Philanthropists and other leaders who are guest speakers during the sessions. This year Penny Low an alumnus of the programme along with our Christchurch Foundation staff to deliver the Ōtautahi Christchurch programme for a second year running.

The project goals are:

  • To promote positive youth development by engaging young people in meaningful activities that build their skills and capacity
  • Help communities view young people in a positive light
  • Develop soft skills for the young people such as public speaking, critical thinking and decision-making
  • Foster interest in supporting non-profits in the future; generates a philanthropic nature
  • Builds student confidence – knowing they can make an impact

A particular highlight of the programme is that students actively fundraise, volunteer, and provide guidance to charities. Their education then culminates when – as a board – they will determine which charities will receive the funds they have raised. This decision is made after learning exactly how proper governance should operate.


“Generation Give started as something I applied to because it sparked my interest. While taking this program I realised how much impact we as young members of this community hold. It shaped my way of thinking and I want as many other young people to have a chance to experience and understand the power we have. The feeling of giving to a worthwhile cause that will change lives is an added bonus”.

Penny Low, 2022 Youth Mentor - Alumnus 2021Chair Generation Give Programme. Graduated from Lincoln High School in 2021 and is now studying Commerce and Law at The University of Canterbury.