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Want a hassle-free way to sort your donation rebates? And donate $5 to The Christchurch Foundation at no cost to you? Our partner, Supergenerous, makes it simple.

 They’re a Kiwi social enterprise that simplifies the process for claiming and regifting donation tax rebates. No more tracking every donation you make or manually uploading receipts with the IRD. And for every new donor that signs up before the end of March, Supergenerous will also donate $5 to the Christchurch Foundation!

 They want to help you grow your impact - simply choose to regift your rebates to make your donations go even further. We already think your generosity is awesome, and by donating your rebates to us, it means you can extend that generosity (without reaching into your pocket) so we can continue to make Christchurch a better city.  

 All you need to do is sign up, list who you’ve given to, enter your details (like your IRD number) and for a small fee they’ll do the rest of the admin for you. Sit back and watch your impact grow.

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