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May 2020 Newsletter

Emergency Response

Covid19 has without a doubt made itself known here in Ōtautahi Christchurch and across the world. It is with certainty that we can share the not for profit sector within our city has had a lot of practice at having to think quickly and evolve. Given this capability and adaptability we have chosen not to launch a fund specifically for Covid19. Instead we have referred generous people and companies to give directly to those causes within our city that are already working to support our community.

As you know, we take a long-term view to what we do. We look to fill the gaps rather than duplicate the services and support of government or other charities. To that end, we are working in collaboration with the Spark Foundation on a project to bridge the digital divide with an initial focus on migrant and refugee communities in our city. We hope to share more information shortly.

We are particularly concerned about the sustainability of the not for profit sector. We think it will be likely that some charities and social enterprises will not survive the economic fallout. Amy, our Chief Executive, is working alongside other funders to guide thinking about this nationally.


Our Distributions - Year-to-Date

Over the last few newsletters, we have shared information on our work to support those most impacted by the March 15 terror attacks. We have also been facilitating generosity to other causes and projects within the city.

We operate on a July to June financial year, so are now in our third quarter of our third year.

As at 31 March 2020, the Christchurch Foundation has distributed $9,707,970 NZD into greater Christchurch. The recipients of these funds are listed below. Donations continue to be secured and will be distributed before the end of this fiscal year across various projects.

Over and above this we have hosted the second annual KPMG Thinker In Residence. This programme is fully funded by KPMG, a generous gift of $20,000.



Over the last few months, our trustees and team have been working on a renewed strategy for our organisation. This was in response to achieving many of the initial objectives we set, and after listening to what our donors and supporters want.

Work on our global sister organisations had gone on the back burner while we distributed the donations in the Our People, Our City fund. This work has now been reactivated with entities and programmes being developed for our UK and US with a digital focus given the emergence of Covid19.

Fund Management

We know that some of our donors are curious if we have been impacted by the market’s response to Covid19. We are weathering the storm and our funds are securely deposited across two banks. We had delayed transferring some funds we hold into investments prior to the outbreak of Covid19 and will prudently assess any future changes.

Tim Jarvis Events, Christchurch and Akaroa

Due to Covid19 we had to postpone the two events planned in late March with Tim Jarvis.

Tim was scheduled to speak about his first-hand account of his incredible journey in the steps of Shackleton, and Akaroa local legend Frank Worsley. 

We are hopeful to be able to reschedule these events, so keep an eye out for future dates to be announced.



National Campaign

You may have seen a campaign sponsored by the Community Foundations of New Zealand recently to encourage local generosity on both television and social media.

The Christchurch Foundation is a proud member and one of 17 different Community Foundations that serve New Zealand.

Generation Give

The Generation Give programme teaches philanthropy and leadership skills to teenagers.

Christchurch was set to start a pilot programme in early March. Local schools and two naming sponsors, Jarden and Brannigans, lined up and ready to support. However, due to Covid19, we have postponed this opportunity until next year. 

That's all from us for now. If you would like to connect with us, please email or phone:  027 620 3208. Stay safe and healthy!