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News Our People, Our City Fund Distribution Update


The Christchurch Foundation began engagement with those most impacted, and the wider community, on the 29th of June 2019. We began once Victim Support had concluded their distributions. Raf Manji lead a comprehensive and iterative project over a three month period. This involved over a hundred meetings as well as many emails and phone calls. Our distribution framework was developed using the information we received from the communities and international best practice.

As of March 5th, we have distributed $9.27M of the $11M we have received.

Our People, Our City Fund Distribution Update

Victims’ Fund - $7 million

As of 6th March 2020, $6,830,000 has been distributed.

  1. Shaheed Fund: $3,570,000 has been distributed to the next of kin.
  2. Bullet Injured Fund: $1,000,000 has been distributed to the bullet injured.
  3. Children and Widows Support Fund: $1,230,000 has been distributed.
  4. Medical Support Fund: $415,000 has been distributed.
  5. Hardship Fund: $615,000 has been distributed.  128 grants have been made from this fund.

Eudcation Fund - $1.5 million

The Education Fund, a long-term legacy for the children of the Shaheed and Bullet Injured, currently totals $1,622,000, which will support 108 children with a grant for post-school education or training. So far, 5 grants have been made.

Community Support Fund - $500,000

Supported by the Abrahamic Fund, 20 grants have been made or pre-approved from this fund, totaling $470,000.  Grants have been focused on youth development, health and wellbeing, spiritual support, community events, and building capability and capacity within community organizations.

We continue to collect funds for both our Education Fund and the Community Support Fund.  Once the final distributions are made from the Victim’s Fund, it will be closed.