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Anthony’s Gift

Working with generous people to increase our impact, including those overseas, is a key area of work for The Christchurch Foundation.

Anthony’s Gift

Aroha for Christchurch comes from all over the world

As a foundation specifically for the Christchurch community, our vision is to transform this city through the power of philanthropy. You don’t have to be a local to donate either; our donor lives on the other side of the world – but regardless, his heart is here.

Anthony* hails all the way from London but he has seen the people of our city act with courage and love during recent challenging times. He was impressed by the resilience, aroha and community spirit that we’ve shown and wanted to show his support. But it’s not always obvious; you want to give to a city – but who do you give to? This is where The Foundation comes in to make it easier for overseas donors like Anthony to make a difference.

Anthony is our first major international donor gifting The Christchurch Foundation a whopping $50,000 to go towards a project that will enable our newly established charity to better serve the community.

A big part of our plans has always been to encourage and grow philanthropy and enable giving which is based on research. We wanted to measure the wellbeing of the community and identify significant trends which we could use to understand how we can have the most meaningful impact to residents of Christchurch. With this knowledge we can increase quality of life and help ensure that we know where to make the best difference.

Costs of such a project can be extensive, which is why we were so grateful to Anthony’s generous gift to make this possible.

We surveyed Christchurch residents to find out more about what they dream of for their city, worry about for the future and need for the community. This information is critical for us make informed decisions about where to focus our efforts in this city to make sure that we’re meeting the needs of Cantabrians. More on this research to come.

We support those whose hearts reside in Christchurch, even though they don’t. We make it easier for donors like Anthony to achieve their dreams for our city.


*We respect our donor's wishes to remain anonymous, so names and images have been changed.