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Donor # 1

The first individual donor to the Christchurch Foundation wishes to remain anonymous but is happy to share their story.

Donor # 1

Our First Generous Person

I’m delighted to be the first “private” donor to the Christchurch Foundation, and very happy to explain what prompted me to make such a bequest.

My closest family are cousins living in England.  When updating my will, I was shocked to discover just how much in tax the UK government would deduct from any bequest left to those cousins.   This gave me cause to rethink where I would prefer to leave my assets, and also how I would like them to be used.

Serendipitously, while I was giving thought to updating my beneficiaries, I received , an article discussing how bequests to the Acorn Foundation in Tauranga were being utilised in the community, with mention of similar foundations elsewhere in New Zealand.   I followed the links and found the Christchurch Foundation, contacted them, and met with Amy Carter and Jodie Shaw. 

Over the following weeks, Jodie provided me with information regarding the activities of several charities, whose aims and aspirations matched with my requirements.  I selected three.

Of concern to any donor to charities is what happens to the bequest after my death?  How can the donor be assured that it won’t be frittered away, but used as intended?   My concerns in this regard were allayed by the discussions I had with Amy and Jodie, and the level of oversight the Foundation would provide to my selected charities following my death. 

I’m most grateful to them both, but particularly to Jodie for her excellent research and follow up.   To anyone considering leaving a bequest to charity, that for peace of mind you give serious thought to leaving it through the Christchurch Foundation.

Please note that the image used is a file image and not the donor.