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About us

The Christchurch Foundation’s role is to make greater Christchurch better by growing philanthropy. We help generous people and companies achieve their dreams for our city by working on their (the donor's) behalf.

Thinking local and striving to meet the needs of your hometown is now very important to many who are considering making a gift. We ensure that your impact can be seen and felt among the neighbours, communities and suburbs of greater Christchurch.

You don’t give to the Christchurch Foundation, you give through us to projects and causes in our city that are important to you and to our residents.

How we do it

We’re a registered charity here in New Zealand, and have sister charity in the United Kingdom.  Overtime the intent is to grow the global network of charities focused on making greater Christchurch better. 

This approach enables those whose hearts reside in Christchurch, even when they don't, to still play an important and active role in our city and surrounding districts.

We provide a wide range of vehicles through which you can give. It all adds up, whether its five dollars, five hundred or more.

We act on behalf of those that give, as such the Christchurch Foundation will always ensure your wishes are met.

Gifts can be directed to a project, a specific geographic area or to a range of causes. Or contributions can be passed on at the discretion of the Foundation Trustees under a developed set of guidelines and policies.