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Spark - City Partner

Spark was one of the first businesses to join our City Partners programme with a gift to Tūranga Library. Read more here about their motivation.

Spark - City Partner

Tūranga - a true digital heart for Christchurch

Spark is a founding partner of The Christchurch Foundation, and through The Foundation we are proud to be supporting the establishment of Tūranga. We see Tūranga as a true digital heart for the city and on the ground floor we have established Spark Place, a multi purpose space capable of sorting presentations, seminars and workshops.

At Spark we're here to help all of New Zealand win big in a digital world. We are committed to Christchurch and our focus for Spark Place is to engage the business community of Christchurch and Canterbury in this incredible asset. We are looking forward to creating and hosting events for businesses to learn how they can make the most of the opportunities our digital economy presents, and we will make Spark Place available for others to share their learnings too.

Tūranga is a world-class facility and will bring wonderful strength to Christchurch, with a perfect balance of protecting and sharing our heritage and providing opportunities for everyone to explore current and future digital technologies. This is a facility that Christchurch will be proud of for years to come, and at Spark, we are delighted to be part of making Tūranga come alive.