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News Tim Jarvis - Successful events in Christchurch and Akaroa


The Christchurch Foundation ran two successful events over last weekend.

The famous Shackleton & Worsley Expedition 1914-1916, re-enacted some 101 years later by world adventurer and explorer, Tim Jarvis and his crew of 5. Embarking in a replica of the James Caird, wearing the cotton tunics and woollens like the original explorers, and navigating by the sun – it is an incredible feat these men landed on South Georgia only citing the sun twice in their voyage from Elephant Island.

Needless to say Tim’s rendition of events kept us enthralled, with terrific audience participation to follow. This will not be the last you see of Tim with The Christchurch Foundation, we are merely at the beginning. 2021 brings with it (Covid dependant) the opportunity for Tim to join us in person as originally planned last March, for a wider role with the Foundation…..more on this to come!

The Alexandra Shackleton in front of Gaiety Hall, Akaroa.
The Alexandra Shackleton in front of Gaiety Hall, Akaroa.