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News Women Entrepreneurs Fund Recipient 2023


Congratulations to Emily! She is one of our recipients for the Women Entrepreneur Fund 2023

Emily Heazlewood is a dynamic start-up enthusiast, motivated by a sincere desire to forge meaningful connections in the real world through technology. After completing high school, she founded the app Romer, connecting over 120,000 individuals in Australia and New Zealand to uniquely curated experiences embraced by locals. Presently working in investment, Emily lends her expertise to assist companies in raising funds for growth. Her recent venture, Amor, is a matchmaking app rooted in a precisely developed 60-questionnaire, aiming to facilitate more meaningful relationship connections based on the fundamental attributes of lasting happiness.

Known for her unwavering determination, Emily independently created the entire Romer app, showcasing her tenacity despite lacking prior coding experience. Beyond entrepreneurship, she actively encourages young women to explore their passions, confront challenges boldly, and pursue problem-solving in sectors they care about.

Amor employs a mathematical framework under Emily's guidance to connect users with matches, fostering the development of deeper foundational relationships from the outset. The app has already celebrated a successful blind matchmaking event, with many more anticipated in the lead-up to the official launch. Emily's passion lies in creating solutions to real-world problems, and her overarching mission is to empower people to live more authentic and enriched lives through genuine connections and experiences.