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News Women Entrepreneurs Fund Recipient 2023


Congratulations to Maggie! She is one of our recipients for the Women Entrepreneur Fund 2023

Maggie Peacock is the co-founder of Fruitful Packaging. Formerly recognized as 'Bayuble,' the company has recently undergone a rebranding and an expansion of its mission. Fruitful Packaging aims to go beyond the replacement of plastic fruit stickers; instead, they aspire to revolutionize the soft plastic film market. The Fruitful film they offer is entirely free of plastic, presenting a genuinely sustainable packaging alternative that prioritizes food safety and freshness. Crafted from renewable fruit waste, the film is fully home-compostable, circular, edible, and vegan. It decomposes in the earth, mirroring the natural disposal process of food, without leaving any trace of forever chemicals or microplastics.

Maggie's entrepreneurial journey has been marked by both highs and lows, a narrative familiar in the startup realm. This year, navigating the business solo has brought about distinctive challenges. Confronting imposter syndrome and a decrease in confidence, especially when compared to having two co-founders by her side, has proven to be a significant test. Nevertheless, Maggie remains committed to addressing the problem Fruitful Packaging is tackling, expressing gratitude for the support received from the Christchurch ecosystem and beyond. This support has played a crucial role in both Maggie's personal growth and the development of Fruitful.