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News Breaking News: Charitable Status of our Sister Entity in the UK Achieved!


We are thrilled to share that The Christchurch Foundation New Zealand Ltd, located in the United Kingdom has received its charitable registration.

This means that our sister organisation can now receive gifts from UK tax residents for the benefit of causes and projects here in Greater Ōtautahi Christchurch, and wider afield.

Work has now begun to plan the UK based (Covid-19 friendly) activities for 2021. For those of you in the UK, the primary way to contact the UK entity is by email on

As funds allow, a UK website will be developed. In the interim a UK specific page will be established on the NZ website. We hope to have this live before the end of April.

Now that the UK entity is established our NZ based team will refocus to supporting the establishment of the United States entity. The beach head will be Seattle, which is a sister city of Christchurch. Lawyers and accountants in Seattle have already been secured.

Anyone based in the US that is interested in being involved, please contact Amy.

Photos and bios of our voluntary UK trustees can be found here