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Types Of Giving

Types of Giving

Primarily we support people giving more than £100,000, but we also have programmes for those wanting to give less.

Tagged Funds

An endowment fund, invested and managed in the UK, where the donor names specific not-for-profits, or projects in Ōtautahi Christchurch as the beneficiaries.  Annual distributions are made from the generated income off the investments and sent to NZ.  These are perpetual funds and can be named or anonymous. 

Pass Through Funds

Funds to be distributed immediately, rather than going into an endowment fund.  These are for community projects. In these situations, we are solely acting as an agent. Our sister organisation in NZ ensures that the funds get to where you want them to go and provides updates/impact reporting on these gifts for us to pass on to you. Our kiwi colleagues also have a pipeline of on the ground projects that you can support, which is constantly updated.

Giving Circles

A group of individuals (8-12 people) who donate smaller amounts on a regular basis. Their donations are combined and distributed annually. 

Community Group Funds

Community organisations set up their own endowment fund under our umbrella and seek donations to it from their own supporters based in the UK. We administer the fund here in the UK, and our sister entity in NZ, passes the distributions on. 


This is where the funds are given to the not-for-profit recipient in Ōtautahi Christchurch as your estate is settled here in the UK.

Just want to help but not too sure where?  

Our “UK Loves CHC” Fund is the answer.  This is where the donor allows our Directors, to allocate the distribution of their donation. This fund aims to deliver a better Christchurch by focusing on three pillars, identified by the community as the key priorities. These community priorities are reviewed every five years. The pillars are identified upon the outcomes of our Vital Signs Research which is conducted in Ōtautahi Christchurch by an independent research company.  The fund aims to meet these community identified priorities by ‘impact investment’ that seeks both a financial AND a social or environmental return.