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Setting up your own endowment fund, or one for your family is easy.  You can start small and build up a fund overtime.  Once you reach $75,000 you can begin grant making, or keep building it up.

With a bequest of a donation of more than $75,000, you can start straight away and name the fund after your family or a loved one.

You may want to give across a broad range of causes, or perhaps there is an issue passion or local area that interests you.

Every size of donation is welcome at The Christchurch Foundation.  An easy and effective way is to simply make a gift, large or small, into the Christchurch Fund.  We use our knowledge of what is happening in Christchurch communities to ensure that grants go where they are most needed and will have the biggest impact.

If you would like to see how an endowment grows over time, check out this Endowment Calculator built by our friends at Community Foundations of New Zealand.

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