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Transferring your Charitable Trust

Transferring your Charitable Trust

With many hundreds of Family Trusts in Christchurch, it’s time for us to think about philanthropy with a collective view.

The Christchurch Foundation was set up to ensure giving in Canterbury could operate in a cohesive, inclusive, and effective way to drive real progress. Gifting through the Christchurch Foundation means you can support your region and help make Christchurch a contemporary world-class city of the future.

Donations can include transferring a Family or Community Trust over to our stewardship.

Like you and your founding donors, we’re passionate about Christchurch. We have the team and infrastructure in place that enables us to meet your original purpose with efficiency. When we collaborate, we can meet the needs of our community with greater effect than many individuals working separately can.

The Community Foundation model has been around for over a hundred years. Our smarter giving model means that invested Trust funds go further (and forever) for enabling your generosity to have ongoing impact in the Christchurch community.

How does it work exactly? Your Trust Fund is invested with our portfolio, the capital is grown and some of the ongoing income goes to local causes of your choice. The original fund itself remains protected so it can continue to benefit your chosen causes well into the future, meanwhile, we can meet your original purpose without your current costs or time investment.

What are the benefits of transferring your Trust? The Christchurch Foundation can offer easier options for management around compliance, investing, reporting and effective grant making. We can provide you the means to run your Charitable Trust without the significant workload, while your Trusts original purpose continues on. This makes sure there is more support going into the community and less financial burden from administrative overheads.

For more information about how to transfer your Charitable Trust contact us at We even have Tavendale and Partners working with us to help with any of the details.