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Alexandra Shackleton Fund

Renowned Shackleton expert, explorer and environmental scientist Tim Jarvis, has very generously agreed to make the Alexandra Shackleton available to the city of Christchurch, via The Christchurch Foundation. 

Tim has literally walked in Shackleton's shoes. In 2013, Tim and his expedition team, faithfully built a replica of the original James Caird and renamed her the Alexandra Shackleton, then successfully replicated Shackleton and Akaroa local Frank Worsley's trip from Elephant Island to South Georgia.

The Foundation has agreed to repair and house the boat, believing this to be its spiritual home, given Worsley’s childhood spent here, prior to using his peninsula-taught skills in the world's oceans.

Please donate below to help us fund her rebuild and build her a home in Christchurch.

If you would like to discuss supporting this project please email us 


Port Hills Fire Regeneration

Port Hills Fire Regeneration

In response to the 2024 Port Hills fire this fund has been established to assist with the regeneration of endemic natives in the impacted area.

There is scientific evidence that natives are more fire resistant and can significantly contribute to the resilience and protection of at-risk ecosystems and communities.

The funds raised will be actively managed by The Christchurch Foundation and distributed with support of the Banks Peninsula Conservation Trust and Te Kākahu Kahukura. These two reputable entities are already working in the impacted area and have extensive experience in the establishment of native plants in a best practice manner with participating landowners (private/public and charitable).

Funding could be applied not only to securing new plants but could also include pest management, weeding and other activities to support the regeneration of the area safely.

The intent is to help increase the fire protection on the port hills as well as also increasing the biodiversity of the area.

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Women's Giving Circle

Women's Giving Circle

Join our giving circle to support women and girls in Christchurch, Selwyn and Waimakariri. A giving circle is a form of collective giving whereby a group of people pool their individual donations and then jointly decide how and where the funds should be distributed. Individually each contribution makes an impact, but jointly it is amplified having a much greater impact in the community.