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Rāpaki School

Rāpaki School

Rāpaki School Restoration: A Legacy for the Future

Built in the 1870’s, Rāpaki School stands proudly as a rare surviving example of a 19th-century building within a Ngāi Tahu settlement. The school served as a vital educational centre for local children for 70 years. After its closure following WW2, it became a hub for hapū meetings, a preschool for local children and a base for Tangata Tiaki (guardians of local marine environment).

Today, facing the need for preservation, a dedicated restoration project is underway.

The Christchurch Foundation is supporting the crowd source campaign to raise the final funding for this project.  A small administration fee is being charged to undertake this.

Please join us in safeguarding this cultural treasure and ensuring its legacy lives on.

Why your support matters

  • Preserving Heritage: Few buildings like Rāpaki School remain. Your contribution ensures this cultural and historical taonga (treasure) is protected for future generations.
  • Investing in the Community: The restored school will serve as a vibrant, safe, and fit-for purpose space for local schools, community groups and the people of Rāpaki.
  • Supporting Sustainability: This project prioritises restoration and adaptive reuse, promoting sustainable practices in heritage conservation.
  • Connecting to the Past: Rāpaki School serves as a tangible link to the rich history of the Ngāi Tahu people and Whakaraupō Lyttelton Harbour region.

To learn more about the Rāpaki School restoration project, click here.

We’ve made progress!

The school has been successfully moved to new piles and work has begun.

Thanks to support from Christchurch City Council Heritage Fund, the Parkinson Memorial Trust, Heritage New Zealand, Rata Foundation and Lottery Community Facilities Committee, we have $400,000 in hand for the project.

However, with the total budget exceeding $700, 000, we need your help to complete the restoration.

Every contribution counts. Donate today and be part of Rāpaki School’s remarkable journey.

Port Hills Fire Regeneration

Port Hills Fire Regeneration

In response to the 2024 Port Hills fire this fund has been established to assist with the regeneration of endemic natives in the impacted area.

There is scientific evidence that natives are more fire resistant and can significantly contribute to the resilience and protection of at-risk ecosystems and communities.

The funds raised will be actively managed by The Christchurch Foundation and distributed with support of the Banks Peninsula Conservation Trust and Te Kākahu Kahukura. These two reputable entities are already working in the impacted area and have extensive experience in the establishment of native plants in a best practice manner with participating landowners (private/public and charitable).

Funding could be applied not only to securing new plants but could also include pest management, weeding and other activities to support the regeneration of the area safely.

The intent is to help increase the fire protection on the port hills as well as also increasing the biodiversity of the area.

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Green Philanthropy Fund

Green Philanthropy Fund

The Green Philanthropy Fund has been developed to accelerate positive environmental change in Waitaha Canterbury.

Future thinking must be applied to quickly address the big environmental issues we are facing. Our goal is to make it easier for businesses and individuals to give to science-led innovation, and to increase the pool of funding available to those individuals and groups striving to improve and protect our ecosystems.

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