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Empowering Students at Shirley Boys High School

The CV Gallagher Trust Scholarship Programme

We are thrilled to announce our partnership with Shirley Boys School, as they transfer $100,000 from the CV Gallagher Trust into a Donor Advised Fund with The Christchurch Foundation. This strategic move aims to reduce operational costs and expand the availability of scholarships, allowing us to help them make even bigger impact on the lives of deserving students.

The C V Gallagher Trust is dedicated to supporting educational opportunities and transforming the lives of students with remarkable potential through scholarships.

Established in 1957 and named after the school's visionary founding Headmaster, the CV Gallagher Trust has always been committed to providing benefits to students. However, the increasing costs associated with trust administration have gradually diminished its capital, leaving limited resources for scholarships. By entrusting the management of the funds to The Christchurch Foundation, we can address this challenge effectively while upholding the trust's original purpose.

At The Christchurch Foundation, we offer a comprehensive range of services to alleviate the burden of compliance, investment management, reporting, and grant-making. Our approach ensures that the income generated from the trust's capital can be directed towards academic scholarships, maximizing its impact on the lives of students. By assuming responsibility for these vital administrative tasks, we not only honour the original intent of the gift but also relieve volunteers of significant workload and board administration.

Aligning with The Christchurch Foundation immediately reduces costs, allowing a greater portion of the raised income to be dedicated to academic scholarships. Furthermore, our partnership extends beyond financial support. We actively assist Shirley Boys School in their fundraising efforts, leveraging our growing global network to expand the pool of invested funds. Together, we can amplify the reach and impact of the scholarship programme, creating transformative opportunities for students.

Headmaster Tim Grocott shares his enthusiasm for this important scholarship program, emphasizing the significance of supporting and rewarding students with exceptional potential. By entrusting the accounting, administration, accountability, and governance aspects to The Christchurch Foundation, the school can now focus on what truly matters—nurturing student growth and achievement. With this newfound freedom, we aim to grow the impact of the scholarships and shape a brighter future for talented individuals, just as Charles Gallagher envisioned.

We are honoured to share the story of Felix Hunt, a recent recipient of the CV Gallagher Scholarship. This life-changing award has not only filled him with pride for his accomplishments but has also enabled him to represent New Zealand at the Junior World Orienteering Championships in Europe. The financial support provided by the scholarship has opened doors for Felix, allowing him to explore diverse areas of interest and seize opportunities that were previously out of reach.

We will now work alongside Shirley Boys High School to provide talented students with the resources and opportunities they need to thrive. Support our scholarship programme and be part of the transformative journey of students like Felix. Please donate below.

Port Hills Fire Regeneration

Port Hills Fire Regeneration

In response to the 2024 Port Hills fire this fund has been established to assist with the regeneration of endemic natives in the impacted area.

There is scientific evidence that natives are more fire resistant and can significantly contribute to the resilience and protection of at-risk ecosystems and communities.

The funds raised will be actively managed by The Christchurch Foundation and distributed with support of the Banks Peninsula Conservation Trust and Te Kākahu Kahukura. These two reputable entities are already working in the impacted area and have extensive experience in the establishment of native plants in a best practice manner with participating landowners (private/public and charitable).

Funding could be applied not only to securing new plants but could also include pest management, weeding and other activities to support the regeneration of the area safely.

The intent is to help increase the fire protection on the port hills as well as also increasing the biodiversity of the area.

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Maurice & I

Maurice & I

Maurice & I is a feature-length documentary celebrating Sir Miles Warren and Maurice Mahoney’s influential architectural partnership, and their fight to save the magnificent Christchurch Town Hall from demolition after the devastating 2011 earthquake.

We are supporting the crowd source campaign to raise the final $60,000 required to take this story to the world.

Sponsorship opportunities are also available: Please contact Rick Harvie for information about these.

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